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NOTE: Access to Club facilities is on a strictly pre-booked basis.

To pre booked : click here


These Rules will apply with immediate effect and until further notice. They MUST be adhered to by all Club members and anyone else given access to the Club, in order to comply with Government Policy.

They have been developed to incorporate both Government Guidelines and those issued by Bowls England and are accurate on the date issued. Updates will inevitably occur and these will be communicated to all relevant parties in due course. Bowling equipment being provided is as recommended by Bowls England.

Do not go to the Club if you or any member of your party are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms or any cold or flu-like symptoms, in particular a cough or high temperature. In these circumstances you should self-isolate for the recommended period before considering any bowling activities.

For your own protection, follow the advice about self-isolation if you are, or are living with, someone in one of the vulnerable groups.

If you have been identified as needing “shielding” and have received a letter from your GP or hospital, or notification from the national helpline you should not consider availing yourself of the Club facilities until further notice.

All activity should be consistent with Government guidelines regarding health, social distancing and hygiene.

It should be noted that the green is not being maintained up to match quality by the Council. It should still be playable but probably rather slow.


All 2019 Club members will have access to the limited Club facilities in accordance with the stipulations within this document. They may invite an individual from outside their household to play, and these Rules will apply to any such person(s). No spectators will be allowed.


All access to the Club facilities will be on a strictly pre-agreed rota basis. All access must be authorised, in advance, with the Club Secretary.

Additional Government guidance released on 1st June 2020 states: “You can play lawn bowls where facilities have reopened, but you can only take part in these activities by yourself, or with members of your household or with no more than five other people outside of your household, as long as you are able to maintain social distancing.”

Members must determine whether they wish to participate at the current time.


For the short-term access to Club facilities will be STRICTLY on a rota basis. No unauthorised access will be allowed.

Bookings must be made via the Club Secretary, either by email or telephone. An online booking system will be used and this may be made available to Club members in due course.

When each booking is made the full names of all participants must be provided.


The normal Green Fees for each participant will be charged per booking. This will be collected at a later date. This payment will be used to contribute to the costs of the provision of anti-bacterial items for decontamination purposes.


Travel to the green on your own or with members of your own household – do not offer a lift to, or accept a lift from, anyone outside your household.

Take any Food or Drink that you may need.

You should allow a period at the beginning and at the end of your stay for sanitisation.


It is strongly recommended that gloves be used when opening and closing any of the locks/padlocks on Club premises to avoid cross contamination.

After entering the green the external gate should be re-locked to avoid anyone accessing the Club grounds during the session, except if you are using the Club on your own, when the door should be kept unlocked to enable access in the event of an emergency.


Where possible the Clubhouse should not be entered. Only go into the Clubhouse if you need to access the toilets during your stay. Avoid touching surfaces and ensure that any surfaces that are touched are sanitised on leaving. No other facilities within the Clubhouse, except the toilets, are to be used.

An anti-bacterial spray will be available for use in decontaminating all surfaces touched by or possibly contaminated by members. A supply of vinyl gloves will also be available for use within the Club, particularly in the Clubhouse and other buildings, again to avoid cross contamination.

It is recommended that members use their own bowls and as much personal equipment as possible. Any Club equipment (bowls; mats; jacks etc) MUST be decontaminated after use.


In order to avoid issues with members of the public it is suggested that anyone using Club facilities should wear a Club shirt, either old or new versions, to identify participants as Club members.

Dress appropriately before accessing the Club in order to avoid the need to change clothes – change shoes immediately before and after your game.


Wash or sanitise your hands and sanitise any equipment (including bowls, jacks and mats) you use before and after you play - do not assume that the people before you have sanitised the equipment thoroughly.

A number of anti-bacterial products are being provided by the Club to ensure your safety and that of other Club members. Please use these products correctly. You will appreciate that it is difficult in the present circumstances to obtain these items.

The Shed nearest to the Clubhouse has been designated as Shed ‘A’ and will contain the following for your use:

 6 mats (2 for each rink)

 6 Jacks (2 for each rink)

 3 sets of different sized Club bowls (You should use your own bowls unless this is not possible)

 Rink Markers (1, 3 and 5) Only these rinks should be used to ensure social distancing

 Score Cards and Pens (Scorecards are to be retained by one member)

 Vinyl Gloves

 Anti-Bacterial Wipes

 Hand Sanitiser

 Anti-bacterial spray

Any item that you use during your visit must be sanitised using the products provided before you leave.


According to Government guidelines up to six individuals from different households can now play on a single rink, although we would recommend that this be reduced to four individuals.

Continue to employ social distancing procedures with anyone outside your household group. Do not shake hands or have any other physical contact.

Only one player should handle the mat on each rink.

Two jacks (one at each end) should be used and this should be set by one player only on each rink.

If scoring:

1. Social distancing rules must be strictly adhered to at all times

2. Do not touch your opponent’s bowls with your hand

3. Avoid measuring for shot/s

When you have finished playing change your shoes and leave the club immediately after you have completed the decontamination of all equipment/surfaces etc.


While coaching may now be undertaken for no more than four people at any one time, we do not intend to provide this facility at this time.

However, the Club may decide to provide introductory sessions to people who have expressed an interest in bowling. This will be dependent on volunteers facilitating such activities. This may also enable us to advertise for new members who may be in a better position to take up the offer in the current circumstances. Only one rink and no more than two newcomers would be included in each such session.


Return the anti-bacterial spray and vinyl gloves to where you found them, within the Shed or behind the Clubhouse entry bars.

Again, use gloves and ensure that all locks/padlocks, door handles and keys are decontaminated and are closed. Remember that these are smooth surfaces to which the Covid-19 virus can easily be placed and remain active.

You must be completely clear of the Club by the end of your allotted time in order to avoid unnecessary contact with the next group/individual.



As we are unable to monitor the usage of the Club, due to isolation issues, please advise the Secretary in good time if any of the sanitizing items or general use items are running out. This includes all of the supplies specifically provided to ensure the safety of all members (hand sanitisers, bacterial wipes, spray etc), as well as more general items like toilet rolls and hand towels.


It must be clearly understood that any use of the Club’s facilities will be entirely at the risk of the member(s) involved and that the Club will take no responsibility for anyone becoming infected during the period of Covid-19 prevalence.


These Rules have been created in order to ensure, so far as possible, the safety and wellbeing of all Club members and anyone accessing the Club.


Keep Safe, Take Care, Look After Yourselves and, when you do return to the green, enjoy your bowls.